Painter, sculptor ….. artist, as Antonio de Cela says, “our happiness and our lifestyle are reflected in the things that surround us” (And he searches for both in all his paintings). Things are for him as we see them in his paintings (a ritual with certain charm), they reflect the passage of time, our own finitude. Maybe the things that surround us, our landscapes and our peoples, are, for Antonio de Cela, a way to express that secret need to reflect this constant concern under the influence of Impressionism and its technical roots.
A painter never finishes his lesson, he always learns from life and enjoy what it offers him, as well he says he lives apart from the world but at the same time is full of it; “I paint my world, the landscapes of my homeland, the Mediterranean charms.” Impressionism fill his landscapes giving them the light and color that fill the lives of those who buy their works.
Every day we compose landscapes, live with them, and that blaze of color and light, living reflection of the light transmitted by Antonio de Cela, makes his paintings reveal harmony and joy under the spring sun shine. Fields shine under that sunlight , and the observer approaches these villages of Mediterranean color and light …. and feels how the rite begins.
“As I write these lines I’m remembering how I got to know the artist who made this catalog. Colors and turpentine smells, flood my senses. Senses filled with the contemplation of a job well done, with know how ”

Juan Romera Mollá
Commissioner Dean. Faculty of Fine Arts.