He is a Valencian painter who depicts his land with color and luminosity. Antonio Pérez is a young painter of great projection and recognized artistic maturity. His specialties are landscapes as well as seascapes with vessels and ports along with serene waters, which he creates with great skill and taste.
He is used to painting from life, interpreting the landscape with its most intimate and profound essence. As a Mediterranean painter, he creates his works with a perfect light where we can see movement and light, which transports us to a world full of serenity, relaxing yet lonely.
The color, style and quality that he gives his oil paintings are synonymous with differentiation. His works take on an increasingly distinctive personality, being a reminiscence of the previous century Spanish masters in this kind of themes.
Antonio Perez achieves a loose brushstroke with a cheerful and frankly wonderful palette. We are talking about sophisticated oil paintings oriented to scholars, collectors and art enthusiasts.