He is a self-taught painter, with the privilege of having a personal teacher, his own father, who is also an artist specialized in the taurine field. Born in Madrid in 1953, he developed his artistic personality from 1995 onwards, fully grasping the secrets of the images of the Fiesta, amazed then by the applause of the critics and public in his latest exhibition in Barcelona.
Always willing to watch bullfighting and craving to plan the composition through the next and most direct beauty, Curro Romero, Rafael de Paula, César Rincón, Emilio Muñoz and El Soro are some of the models that inspired his art-work.
His rich artistic flow gathers a historical and aesthetic present; what is to say, he can show in his canvases the bullfighting art taken from living nature in arenas and cattle fields.
His technique is the acrylic, without forgetting other materials such as pastel or watercolor, which have been very valued by the organizations that have organized important events. From 1962 to 1968, he was warded by the bullfighting arena of Las Ventas (Madrid), as well as by many other institutions and galleries in which he has exhibited his work. More than fifteen solo exhibitions define his continued progress. Constancy and presence are his currency in the games of color, where the pictorial dynamics of bullfighting are dealt.
He achieves a great brightness in bullfighting themes, which has a continuity in the his countryside scenes, in which he mixes with mastery the cattle with the landscape, along with the horsemen
“His palette adds light and color as the contribution of aesthetic subjectivity to his own creation as a bullfighting depiction, which the artist has to illustrate. We needed a painter like this one. With his modesty, with his color quality ”
Lorenzo D. Berenguer
Taurine painters and sculptors