The talent and mastery of Roberto Michel was well known and admired in the artistic circles of the burgeoning Barcelona.
The great balanced composition of his still lifes, rich in nuances and details, has won awards in numerous prestigious painting competitions, nationally and internationally.
The respected critic and his good work gave him the opportunity to be present in the most prestigious galleries in Catalonia, where with great success, he regularly exhibits his work; as a result, his pieces decorate the elegant palaces and residences of the Catalan society.
Michel is one of the most promising contemporary artists of our time. His artwork reflects good taste and dynamism, which unite to bring the purest reality to the observer.
Realism is a mental and visual attitude that transcends appearance to get into what’s behind it, to reveal the truth. Michel pust special attention on the color contrast, which invites the observer to enjoy the pleasant sight of the flowers in his canvases, their perfect depiction insinuating their fresh and enticing scents.
We talk about the bridge between matter and spirit, a merger between two forces fighting between permanence and freedom. Michel is able, with his delicate and perfect strokes, of reflecting the most extraordinary details, as evidenced by its more than perfect still lifes, which are harmonious and dynamic, hiding curious and surprising details each time we stop and admire the work of this unique artist, which is so difficult to imitate . Artworks induce us to overlook past, present and future. His artworks will always belong to our present.