He was born in Brenes (Sevilla) in 1941.
He began his studies at the School of Arts and Crafts under the direction of Professor Mr. Amadeo Ruiz Del Olmo, from whom he took private lessons. As a self-taught artist, he worked mainly on traditional themes, mastering perfection and realism.
He has taken part in exhibitions in Valladolid, Córdoba, Sevilla and Germany. His works are in private collections scattered through various parts of Spain and abroad.
No doubt, his is a superb work of an assured quality and rising value.
He is a painter who takes his inspiration from the human figure, as he creates light and atmospheres with a marvelous fidelity. He achieves perfect finishes, and so his paintings are like an open window which provide an illusion of reality. His canvases are symphonies of color, and each is built within the rhythmic concept of what we think should be a picture. His art-work is so delicate, with subtle ranges, with the finest and softest nuances ….
Luis Pereda has that mystical ability of harmonizing nature and color nuances with our traditional architecture such as convent and courtyards, filled with light and transparent shades, cool greenery of plants and joyful costumbrism.
He depicts outdoor performances, full of grace and charm, and connotations of courtship and flamenco themes, manners and regionalist festivities …