If we have to propose an adjective that defines the painting of Jesus Fernandez we could say without fear of contradiction that it is the sincerity, authenticity that emanates from his strokes and his view of a cityscape treated with care, on some Andalusian patios, always seen as havens, as places that remain in our memory long after we have ceased to contemplate them. If we go further in our assessment, what we see when looking at his paintings is the spirit of the south of Spain, with a clean and serene look.
With impeccable technique and a fine drawing, Jesus Fernández is able to interpret beautiful urban landscapes and immerse us in the nostalgia of the old, as seen in his doors and gates, which shows the nostalgic beauty of the objects that, over time, become history . His canvases are full of a surprising light, which is impossible to forget, as our spirit drowns in it.
Jesús Fernández is one of those artists who reach the public immediately. He is unpretentious, with a direct and clear sincerity. His painting reaches the viewer very quickly. His still lifes come alive. His sunny Andalusian streets, where the light is lewd and lucid, full of geraniums, opens wide before our eyes.
Jesus Fernandez has a strong vocation as an unrepentant artist. In his oil paintings, he spills absolute happiness. He always achieves his artistic goals.
It is interesting to contemplate the works of this young Sevillian painter and to appreciate his excellent landscapes and his great still lifes of a traditional style and pure classicism.
Seen in this light, we can come to the opinion that Fernández’s paintings are something more than a simple copy of nature. His drawing is excellent, as it shows in the varied representations of the human figure, the landscapes, the light that emerge from his compositions, as they are trapped in a moment in time, and all of that manifest the brilliance and artistic skill of the author.
When we observe his paintings we guess the silent training of this artist, his long quest to find the path to reality. Through his works we see the meticulous detail that approximates his artwork to what the art critics have called “hyper-realism”.
Jesús Fernández Romero paints with a classical style. He is a very skilled drawer, who produces outstanding still lifes, in which he worships the realistic detail and seeks perfection; he also creates landscapes of notable quality. A fully figurative painting which is really valued by the public. Hence the success he had in several exhibitions, individual and collective, which are a good sign concerning his future as an artist.