Casto del Río (Córdoba), 1954
He began his painting studies with Master C. Toledo continuing his training within the Artistic Circle of Barcelona, San Lluch.
In his works we appreciate a perfect balance of color and shapes. His painting is thin and delicate, his human shapes, serene and intimate, and his landscapes show a good craft and personality.
Rafael Atencia is a sensitive artist who helds his gaze in simple and everyday objects and knows how to penetrate the hidden beauty of the shapes and lines to get a beautiful, pleasant and a full of inner peace pictorial result.
In the plastic beauty of Rafael Atencia a very personal and poetic expression is manifested, which also has an eminently lyrical quality. The contemplation of these works, produces a satisfaction and delight, joy motivated by a perfect colorful harmony , engaging the viewer in its beautifully constructed lines, of a very real and executed aesthetics.
In these works we find a perfect balance of shapes and color, the painting is very thin and delicate, the brush-strokes will not stain the canvas, they rather caress it with great affection and finesse. His figures are calm, very humanized, very intimate when contemplated with interest. The landscapes are very well made and and really colorful, very well studied and with a great personality.
Rafael Atencia is sensible man and artist, who puts his attention in the simple things of everyday life, engaging in a silent dialogue with the things of the world around him. He knows how to penetrate the hidden beauty of the shapes and lines and can play with them so that the result is beautiful, nice, calm and full of peace. He creates a beautiful game between the contents and the container, and the link between them gives his works a particular personality.