Lopez Canito is an artist specialized in bullfighting themes, born in Madrid, in the district of Las Ventas in 1942.
He has designed numerous posters in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, and Ecuador. He has also authored numerous bullfighting calendars and illustrations for magazines such as ‘El Ruedo’ and ‘El Taurino gráfico’. He has presented more than 60 solo exhibitions in Spain, the United States, Colombia, etc, and has been honored with various awards and prizes. His works can be found in museums around the world and especially in the bullfighting museums of Ronda and Valencia.
He is the bullfighting painter par excellence, his paintings emphatically combine composition, form and color. The bullfighting festivities acquire new dimensions in his work, becoming dynamic and thoroughly nationalist , or what is the same, deeply universal.
From the brush of Lopez Canito flows the essence of the taurine atmosphere, of the multicolor arena, of the red cape and sword. In his canvases, the embodiment of the aesthetics happens, which is pure poetry; Music is poetry without words. Architecture is poetry conveyed in three dimensions, and essentially nothing is more poetic than the plastic arts, where color and form play gracefully under the sign of Dionysos and Apollo.
Of course, the creating powers of men, which gives them a divine status, is born within their sensitive world, in the spirit of their race, in the occult and magical sense of their history. Lopez Canito achieves universality, full and final humanism, which can only exist in art.