The Hungarian artist Peter Bojthe was born in 1968. He is a self-taught painter who studied a degree in Industrial Engineering (Machinery and Tools) in 1995. He starts painting at 14 years old being his favourite techniques oil and watercolor. From 2002 on he dedicated himself to the world of professional painting. He focused his attention on themes such as marines, figures, landscapes, bullfighting and Byzantine icons, using an Impressionist style. In his paintings, Bojthe always tries to grasp the right mood, movement, light and atmosphere.
His life in Spain made him, little by little, to fall in love with the taurine theme, thus becoming a specialist in this kind of scenes, which have acquired great value and reputation.
Since 2004 he is a member of APALI (Indalo Association of Painters From Almeria) He has participated in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, and also in fast painting competitions, being awarded in several of them. He achieved the support of critics, curators and art lovers in each and every individual and collective exhibitions he has taken part in until today. Bojthe received in 2004 the highest honor an artist in Spain can hope to achieve:  the Prince of Asturias Prize for the Arts, thanks to a portrait made for the Spanish Royal Family, which is now part of the Crown’s art collection.
Like most of the impressionist artists, his works are based on the analysis of reality. His goal is for his artwork to replicate his visual perception at a specific point in time,  capturing the actual color emanating from nature in the right instant. His work focuses on the effects that natural light has on objects and not in the exact representation of the shapes.
Bojthe’s artworks are part of the Spanish Royal Family art collection (Portrait of the Prince of Asturias), as well as other Spanish Government departments, such as  the Chamber of Commerce of Almeria, the City Hall of Roquetas de Mar. It can also be found in private collections in Hungary, Austria, Romania, Holland, Germany, England, Spain, Turkey and New Zealand.
All and each of the artworks by this artist are an excellent investment. We cannot forget he has taken part in more than 50 collective and individual exhibitions and contests all over Europe.