He was born in Bollullos, Huelva. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville.
Solo and group exhibitions:
He has exhibited his work throughout the national territory, Huelva, Sevilla, La Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona …
His works are part of private collections in Spain, Europe, and Latin America as well as government agencies collections, such as the Council and Archbishop of Huelva, the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, Provincial Council of La Coruña, Mondariz Foundation, Council and Ministry of Education in Huelva, etc.
He Has made numerous posters for Holy Week, Glory, Santo Entierro Magno of Huelva and the Main Brotherhood of El Rocío,
He won several national painting awards and a scholarships from the University of Seville for achieving the best academic record of his promotion.
He performed imagery works for religious brotherhoods and Churches: Christs Virgins, Evangelists, San Juan, San Isidro, San Sebastián …
– Graphic Work. Tartesos Editorial “Andalusian imaginery artists”, Cajasol Foundation Huelva. “Pintores Onubenses, illustrations for the book “El azor, y Dios lo hizo eterno” by Diego Pareja Obregón.
– His painting is realistic, with a detailed drawing, captures the modeled light, and has a precise loose brushwork (Llorente, Art Critic ABC). Tico Medina catalog from the exhibition of artist from Huelva) Florencio Aguilera (Artists from Huelva).