Segrelles boasts his Valencian countryside with his use of bright colors and Mediterranean light. Small villages, valleys, lakes and calm waters ….Corners of his land that he knows how to depict. Being used to paint from life, in the open, he knows how to capture the deepest essence of the Valencian landscapes. Segrelles reflects a pure expression of sincerity in the villages he depicts.
Segrelles feel a special attraction for the seascape, that has been present in many of his works, such as his ports, where we can observe magnificent architectural artifices. The fusion of his paintings is surprising, as we contemplate the ports painted by Segrelles we wonder if they have been conceived by an artist well versed in naval engineering.
He is also an urban painter, in love with the city, where he plays with deep and intense colours as well as with light. He also uses bright chromatic references drawn from his life experience to depict boulevards. The impeccable accuracy of those elements make of his artworks very valuable pieces of great beauty.
Thanks to these virtues, this renowned artist has achieved success now, and we hope that in the future he will be among the best of his trade,as well as his forefathers were in their time.